Lambos ain’t red. Rarries on Moon be cool. Black Boy found dead, In swimming pool. true Story.

Early dream chasing child did fatal decision. The boy was dreaming about entering the forbidden water one day. His days were little ones. Noway, mother yelled. Family takes care everyday. But not that sunday. One day the gate was unfortunately unlocked. He never learned swimming. The end of family vacancy. His dream drawn. Still grownups dream about crossing the water. Antlantic water. Deep water. Water is hiding the Nations of dreams. In the land their ancestors dream of. the odyssey tragically ends there. On the others side of the protective water we dream about vacation. Vacation from burning forests, stormy land and water. Away from the useless goods. Godlike und useful only to keep on dreaming. A virtual reality, literally.

Fertigstellung: März 2021
Art: *.jpg / 6680x8503px / 300dpi / 32 Std.