Open Field, Senegal 2018, documentary about plastic waste in Malika, 4:59 min

The début documentary video “Open Field” by young based in Germany artist Mamadou Sow (*1986) reflects on escalating ecological disaster of plastic waste in his home country, Senegal. Oscillating between reality and fiction Sow’s video work addresses the excising conflict between the variety of cultural and lifestyle traditions of Senegalese people and the growing pollution of neighborhoods and natural fields with plastic.

In this short video Sow acknowledges his deep sense of admire to both problem (plastic) and solution (conscious recycling by local people), blending authentic images of naïve landscape and human beauty with romantic following of a plastic bag blown by the wind. The video draws multidimensional and sensual image of a daily life in Senegal and seeks to unlock the natural beauty of the fields. Staging the video Sow appears as a creative entrepreneur who engaged local volunteers and craftsman on the process of creation of a sculpture made out of recycled materials.

The video documents production and installation of the sculpture of a symbolic guard and reminder dressed in oversized made out of recycled plastic bags “Boubou” – traditional Senegalese outfit. The “Open field” video is a part of an artist’s broader same-named project dedicated to protection and documentation of Senegal’s culture, lifestyle and environment.